The starting point for the history of photography and the ability to preserve a moment in time as a photograph is hard to define. Some say origins can be traced back to scientific discoveries in the Middle East around the eleventh century BC, while some will go as far as suggesting philosophers around the sixth century discussing the concept could be considered the starting point.

I would disagree, discovering the ability to project light with a lens is as far from modern photography as the invention of the wheel is from the cars we drive. The difficulty is the fact that reaching a point where we where able to take a photo and preserve it for an acceptable length of time took the discovery and development of a multitude of methods and technologies, many of which have been superseded by more modern electrical and digital developments.

In the early nineteenth century the first preserved photograph was taken by Louis Daguerre and realistically this could be considered 'the invention of photography' because until that moment photos as we know them didn't exist.