Fashion & Glamour Photography

Full service for independent boutiques, fashion designers and modeling portfolios which includes scouting locations, hiring models, arranging hair and make up and airbrushing

A creative flare and sharp eye for the smallest details are rightly considered paramount skills for fashion photographers. Equally success depends on the photographers ability to earn the respect of the models they are working with and the ability to share the vision held by the artist that designed the look being portrayed.

Glamour is a title that covers a range of photography styles and techniques. The ease with which aspiring models can be published compared to other genre and the potential rewards involved ensure glamour modeling remains a popular choice. If you know you have what it takes then there is no need to have professional quality images to be considered by the major publications or agencies. However, if the thought of starting out on a live set is holding you back then funding your first shoot with an experienced photographer should greatly assist.

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