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The purpose of this site is to sell the services AGMIT Photography offer so the limited selection of photos and images within this portfolio have been chosen to demonstrate technical ability under various conditions rather than purely for there visual appeal.

While effort has been made to reduce file sizes within the site, while retaining necessary photo quality, those with slower connections can expect delayed responses when selecting to view photographs. Those viewing this portfolio on a mobile phone should try out our mini site: click here

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Life, Love & Memories

The driving force behind the invention and development of photographic technologies. While many uses have been found for the ability to take photos the reason most of us own a camera is to preserve memories of those that mean the most to us. Services include...

Commercial& Editorial Photos

In the majority of cases photos used to advertise and promote a business and the products or services offered throughout a range of media formats.

Fashion & Glamour Photography

Able to offer a complete service particularly suited to the following clients...


Boudoir & Nude Photography

Covering both private and commercial commissions

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